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It’s finally here!

mainimg_toppage01_enIt’s here!!!! Voltage Inc annual script and illustration contest is finally here!  For all the inspired authors and illustrators, try out this contest. Apparently the requirement for this contest is really high, only 1 person was able to win the grand price for the illustration category. As the rest of the entries were not up to their expectation. I may try out for both illustrator and script writing category but I do not think I would win anything though ^^; to all those under people out there, I sincerely wish you luck and have fun drawing and writing. \o^^o/

For more information, this is the link to the contest:

My next post would be coming out soon, but I still have no idea who to write about, any suggestion?



I read alot, range from mystery to romance to junior novels. My most favorite books are "Can you keep a secret" and "Howl's moving castle" (yes, its a book) My favourite series is " A series of Unfortunate Events: Baudelaire Orphans" Because of this, I tend to speed read. My most recent love are Voltage Otome games. (They are really good at calling a girl's heart) So yea...

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