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Bad boys Do it better! Review- Ryoji Ryukai Main Story and Epilogue


Another Bad Boys Do it Better! Review! No spoilers! Maybe some details, but I wouldn’t ruin the story, promise. I actually made a review for Rei Todo. Read it here if you like this review (>人<;)

Okay, a simple introduction on the app:

Your mother would be joining your dad and you decide to stay in Japan to continue your studies. By the end of your first day of school,you realized that you have enrolled into this all boys school and dorm without knowing and you decide to just go with the flow with your mother support.

Main Story, SGD5.98

So for Ryoji, he is the typical rebellious boy with a soft heart. He’s someone who’s a little violent but kind. So he actually confess to the MC first and the MC for his story is a little annoying. I was quite lost with the MC’s “do I really like him” thoughts. And the entire story is like 2 little kids not knowing their feelings when it’s already so obvious.

It’s a vanlilla, first love, sweet heart story, but if you are looking for something more mature, this is NOT for you. Don’t bother spending that money for it. To me, MC here not very likable, she’s a bit hesitant which makes it annoying but I like how straight forward Ryoji is.

Epilogue, SGD 2.98

So the MC and Ryoji started to date, and they would have issues as the MC would start to go crazy with jealousy.

This app is full of puppy love, it’s so young and fresh that it’s so annoying (heh heh) Maybe it’s too young for my liking, story was also a little draggy and cheesy. But I do love the interaction between Ryoji and the MC, but the plot gave me a “urgh! Really?!” feeling.


Not a very long review, as Ryoji was one character I don’t really look forward to, hence my expectations was not that high, which I am glad that it was not high, cause the story plot was not the best in fact too cheesy for my liking.A typical high school manga story plot, if only there’s more details about it

3/5 (Draggy and cheesy story plot with not enough details. Not recommended even for time kill reading