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Era of Samurai: Code of Love Review-Toshizo Hijikata Main Story and POV ,No Spoilers


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I’m back with Voltage Inc, newest app, Code of Love! It’s basically a love story during the last year of the Edo period. ( Perry was briefly mentioned in the story, it’s when Japan starts to open up to the West, which is not a good news for samurais)

Edited: On a side note, I really like the opening movie and the music for this app. It’s really good especially the music, you can really sense the effort Voltage placed for this app. Love the song at the main page. I would buy it if it’s on iTunes. That’s how good it is. Back to the main subject…

So according to the prologue, the MC is a doctor’s daughter but he father died a year ago and now she’s running his clinic with limited medical knowledge. One night, while looking through her father’s journal, she was interrupt by 2 ronins ( definition: samurai without a lord or master) threaten her to shelter them from the Shinsengumi, eventually it broke into a fight, the MC lost her house to a fire that broke out during the fight. And now she’s stuck with the Shinsengumi who saved her and her father’s only medical journal from the fire.

Aaaand the part to choose the hero, you are gonna choose the person who’s gonna protect you while the rest would be going to fight more lawless ronins. Currently there’s only one character out which is Toshizo Hijikata aka Hiji. So I got him.

By the way, there’s a change in purchasing stories for this app, instead of buying the stories directly, it requires you to hit coins to buy the stories according to what voltage say in their Facebook post they are preparing something different for this app. Not sure what is it, but I hoped it’s something worth this change.

So back to the main story

-Toshizo Hijjikata,Main story, SGD 5.98, 400 coins –

During the main story, honestly you really can’t feel the affection that Hiji have for the MC, but the side characters would be giving you hints, hinting the MC that this is his way of showing affection which is some what to a point really sweet, and as the story progresses it gets more and more obvious and sweet. I was like reading the last few chapters on the train smiling like an idiot. I like the way that his affections towards the MC got more and more obvious as the story progresses.

The MC for this app, I love her!! She’s not timid nor hesitant. I love the fact that she’s someone who won’t bow her head to fate and continue what she believe in and doing it. She’s one of the few MC that I really like compared to the previous apps MCs, I hoped that Voltage won’t ruin her in the other characters stories.

I really like this main story and MC. And if you don’t mind cheesy stuff or if you want your heart to go “doki, doki” the ending bonus is worth the price, that voice would make you melt like an ice cream. God, I don’t mind…..

Enough, fangirling…. Next section….

-Toshizo Hijikata His POV, SGD2.98,200 coins –

If you have been reading my posts, I love POVs, it shows you a different perspective during the same period. Especially when it’s someone that you ‘fell in love’ with. After his main story, I read his POV on the train and I have to stop myself in between before I squeal. ( I hoped the people in the train would not think I am crazy though) it was really cute and the way he got misunderstood was so innocent. I think it’s totally worth that money but if you don’t really like POV, try it. Because it explain a lot of things and the small gestures he made for the MC.

Conclusion: Not really a fan of the new coin purchasing thing, but the story and POV was worth the money( and the ending bonus if you have more money to spare) read the entire story at least twice to get that movie if you are not getting the bonus, that voice,those thoughts, and the look!!! I swear that you will melt like snow in the summer…..

And the music and animation for the app, you would be able to identify some reuse songs, but the main song for this app is really good, I would open the app just to listen to that song. And the animation sequence especially when the samurai are fighting, with combination of some sound effect, it was amazing. Voltage do include more animations for their recent apps, however for this app it was slightly different as the image that was animated wasn’t a profile of the samurai but a image where they are in action, they appear and vanish quickly. Love the change and effort.

Ratings: 4.9/5

P.s I’m super excited that Voltage decide to open their booth somewhere other than LA and Japan. It would be at Singapore!!!! I would just go there just for their booth! I was considering writing a review about it, as I think it’s voltage first booth other than LA and Japan.

Do leave a comment behind if you would like to read a review about it.


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6 thoughts on “Era of Samurai: Code of Love Review-Toshizo Hijikata Main Story and POV ,No Spoilers

  1. I just down loaded the game, I’ve noticed the characters names are all the same from Destined to Love by ikemen games. I read the epilogue and it’s a little different but I was wondering if you played the game I’m referring to and if this is the same story I don’t want to waste the money, you know?


    1. Thank you for commenting, I went to look at the game you were talking about( never heard of it, but will try), and apparently the name Toshizo Hijikata is common because he was a real person from that period in Japan. And it depends on what type of character you are biased to. I doubt the story would be similar as one is a going back to the past and the other was a woman in the past. I can’t tell if it’s a waste of money, cause everyone would have their preferences. Maybe you would like to try the first few chapters first?


  2. Hi. Thanks for sharing your review! I’m just curious though: how steamy is this game? Is it like Enchanted in Moonlight or is it kinda tame like their earlier ones?


    1. Hi! Thank you for commenting! In terms of steamy, I have yet to find a voltage app that could beat Enchanted. And due to the fact that it’s during the Edo period, it’s definitely a lot more tamer.


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