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Era of Samurai: Code of Love Toshizo Hijikata Epilogue (Hearts in training) Review


This morning, I got a notification on Facebook from Voltage inc, Hearts in training for the demon deputy is out!!! So as efficient as i am, I got it within a day. 

Hearts in training-200 coins (SGD2.98)

And if you were to read the first episode of it,(it’s free) I think at least half of the readers would want to hit the MC for even thinking about those impossible thoughts. She’s surprisingly imaginative to even think about those thoughts. But when one continue forward, at episode 2 and 3 the demon deputy is determined to let the world know the MC is his even though he show little expression about it. 

Though I’m a little disappointed with the MC in this story, as she seems like someone who lost her mind when they are in love, and other than Hijikata, I don’t think anything actually went into her head. She’s completely love struck. Not a good move, Voltage Inc. For someone this head strong to go head over heels,it’s a turn off, when I read the first episode of the story. At least there’s a comeback for the second and turn episode.

Is it worth the money? Not really, unless you,like me, couldn’t get enough of the interaction between him Hijikata. Though the image that came with the story is somewhat a type of fan service (@ ̄ρ ̄@)

If only voltage inc, would have a video that actually show behind the scene footage about how and what they do to create one app….


I read alot, range from mystery to romance to junior novels. My most favorite books are "Can you keep a secret" and "Howl's moving castle" (yes, its a book) My favourite series is " A series of Unfortunate Events: Baudelaire Orphans" Because of this, I tend to speed read. My most recent love are Voltage Otome games. (They are really good at calling a girl's heart) So yea...

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