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Era Of Samurai:Code of Love Review – Soji Okita Main Story and POV (No Spoilers)


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I am back with a new character from Voltage newest app Soji Okita from Era of Samurai:Code of Love. I wrote a review for the first character Toshizo Hijikata earlier, so if you are interested in that character too please do click here to look at that review.Or if you have already read the prologue and the opening movie, click here.

Prologue Review (taken from Toshizo Hijikata’s Review)

It’s basically a love story during the last year of the Edo period. ( Perry was briefly mentioned in the story, it’s when Japan starts to open up to the West, which is not a good news for samurais)

Edited: On a side note, I really like the opening movie and the music for this app. It’s really good especially the music, you can really sense the effort Voltage placed for this app. Love the song at the main page. I would buy it if it’s on iTunes. That’s how good it is. Back to the main subject…

So according to the prologue, the MC is a doctor’s daughter but he father died a year ago and now she’s running his clinic with limited medical knowledge. One night, while looking through her father’s journal, she was interrupt by 2 ronins ( definition: samurai without a lord or master) threaten her to shelter them from the Shinsengumi, eventually it broke into a fight, the MC lost her house to a fire that broke out during the fight. And now she’s stuck with the Shinsengumi who saved her and her father’s only medical journal from the fire.

Aaaand the part to choose the hero, you are gonna choose the person who’s gonna protect you while the rest would be going to fight more lawless ronins

–  Main Story SGD5.98, 400 coins –

The story starts where Soji was left to protect the base and you, but he thinks that you are a spy as the events that led you to the Shinsegumi’s base was too much of a coincidence. So he started to suspect the MC and is always teasing and scaring her.

I love the fact that the interaction between Soji and the MC is like a cat and mouse chase. He love teasing the MC so much that it became a a form of flirting. I like the way the MC is around him. They are like polar opposite, one kills, the other heals. It’s heart wrenching when the two of them belong to two different worlds yet the paths crossed and they met. And it’s even more heart wrenching when the MC was able to understand the reason why he was doing it and it shows her a different perspective of him.

It’s like a forbidden love for the two characters. And I love it, though not as much as the demon deputy but it’s nice and sweet nevertheless. I love the seiyuu that voiced Soji as its something you can imagine coming out from his mouth. I love that Voltage matches the looks and voice for the ending movie. And compared to both endings, I preferred the “fate” ending more than the “love” one. Even though I preferred the “love” ending for Hijikata.

I also like the fact that he was attracted to the MC due to her character which Soji often describe it as ‘white as snow’ and his is ‘stained’. But he couldn’t help taking his eyes away from her even though he know that he couldn’t be with her.. Argh! So heart wrenching!!! While reading, I could actually felt my eyes starts to water cause it shows how desperate they want to be together but they kept their distance apart.

Once again, the song and animation for the story was on the spot, I love that the characters have more expressions even if the details were subtle which is a nice change as it give the readers better visuals.

Is it worth the money? Unless you don’t like a cat and mouse relationship, this is completely for you! Moving on ~~~

–  His POV SGD2.98, 200 coins –

Okay, to anyone who do reads my review. I really love POVs, and honestly speaking (or typing) Soji’s POV was beautiful! His love towards the MC and the way he view himself as a threat to the MC but he just can’t stop falling in love with her innocence, yet he tried to distance himself from her to avoid bring harm to her (Aw..) But Soji make a mistake that every guy in either a drama, movie or game tends to do which is leaving the girl so that she will be happier without them. ( Always a mistake) But in the POV, you would be able to see a different side of him after he left her. Which is “aw~”. The things he do not want the MC to know would be reveal during his POV.

But this time the POV is written in an event form, so it goes by encounters. Plus its relatively short which is sad, as there are times where I would like to know how he would react daily but it’s not included within this story.

Is it worth the money? Even though the POV was not detailed enough, but it’s relatively fine. However if you do not like to read POV, it’s not recommended. (just get the ending set instead if you do not have the time to read it again for the second ending)

Ratings: 4.85/5

Conclusions:Both stories are not that bad, both endings are really good too. They have great storyline but it’s a little different as most story will let you squeal like a fangirl, this will make your heart chip a little. I will buy this all over again if I have to.


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Next character: (if there isn’t an update for Samurai) Saeki or Tamaki from My Forged Wedding



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