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Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Review- Hikaru Aihara Main Story and Epilogue 


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I’m back with another review from Voltage Inc’s Kissed by the Baddest Bidder!!!! And this time it’s Hikaru Aihara! I thought he would be some side character that Voltage have made in Baddest Bidder, but after reading ‘Behind the looking glass'( Baddest Bidder’s side story), I know there’s more to him than meets the eye…

Before you read any further, I would have to include a spoiler(which I have to include). So if you do not like spoilers, stop here. If not, please do continue reading( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I didn’t read the prologue for season 3, cause to me it doesn’t really affect the story and it redundant. So if you are interested in how and why the MC and the bidders are at London, do read the prologue. Otherwise, just skip it and go to the main story like what I did.

Main Story, SGD 5.98

Okay, let’s start with THE spoiler first, apparently Hikaru is NOT really the mad hatter, the hatter is another person who is loyal to him. Which is somewhat disappointing, cause I really thought that Hikaru really is THE hatter. ( maybe voltage would release another story about the hatter) but the hatter is really sweet in this story. He’s like a brother figure towards the MC. He gave me a “kitamura-san’s feel in my 7 rings” for asahi’s story.

The one thing j don’t understand for the bidders characters is that they would turn very sadistic and rough when they become the MC’s choice of lovers. So yea, Hikaru became this annoying jerk compared to the days you know him in Dubai the kind , handsome and prefect man.

Forgot to mention, he’s also a hit man aka assassin.

But the story have a suitable pace, not too sudden nor slow. Unlike some stories, it does gives you hints that Hikaru is falling for the MC. A little disappointed with his change of attitude, but nice storyline, however I didn’t fangirl a single bit. Even though the ending is relatively good. So your choice. My choice, I would buy it again only if it’s on sale though.


The epilogue is similar to the main story, sweet but not enough for me to go fangirl mode. The story’s pace is fine but not that sweet, it do show you how Hikaru is shy (and maybe new) towards this relationship. Again, is it worth the money? Not really, it doesn’t really show much of Hikaru is, but it does show how much Hikaru cared for the MC( I think)

Conclusion for both stories: not really worth the money if you want a story that will drown you in honey, I would recommend Asahi’s forbidden path from 7 rings instead, or the newly released Toshizo Hijikata from Era of Samurai : Code of Love;would only buy this if it’s on sale.

BUT if you are a die hard baddest bidder fan, maybe you would like it(?)

Ratings: 3.5/5

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Review for Your Touch – Eisuke Ichinomiya



Out of curiosity, I bought Eisuke Ichinomiya from the ‘Your Touch’ series.

Just based on the introduction, I sincerely thought that this story would be interesting. And based on the characters that’s already released ( Soryu and Mamoru). I seriously want Eisuke’ s heart to race obviously for the MC .

I mean, he’s the person who is always teasing the MC and the MC is always at his mercy. I really wanted it to happen vise versa

As it is a ‘touch me’, the choices you have are obviously the places where you could touch him, and the reaction from him is completely not exciting at all. (But there’s a part where I need to give credit for Voltage Inc. to even actually think about it )

( `ー´)

But the MC for this story is very weak, so weak that its so frustrating, and therefore people, if you are tempted to buy this side story to make Eisuke’s heart race. Don’t. It’s not worth it. Seriously not worth it.

And its relatively expensive. ( SGD3.98 ) (No image too) ( I even thought that there would be an interactive image to play with …)

The ending is really weak too…


This is the unexpected part that Voltage have add, and I didn’t expect ( obviously).


BUTT!  >(ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖<

This is my first review, if its poorly written. Please comment about it, I hope that I would be able to write more of this.

Thank you! m(._.)m