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Enchanted in the moonlight- Miyabi’s Squeal POV


For the first review of the year 2016, I will start with Voltage Inc very own Kitsune; Miyabi! So for anyone who doesn’t know who is Miyabi. He is the Main route in Enchanted in the moonlight ( The Main route normally means the first guy that appears on the App, they normally would be the face of their app)

More information regarding Enchanted is that it’s an ayakashi-human pairing (ayakashi=demon=youkai) so the MC’s the other half are youkai of all sorts, there is kitsune( fox demon), oni ( trolls, ogre), tengu( Black-winged crow demon),werewolf (wolf demon), yukibito( Snow spirit)and a Zashiki-Warashi(House spirit).

They all have extreme personalities but the way they interact among each other is full of bromance, and you know that they care about each other and the MC.(but not as much bromance as MPD)

A simple summary for the prologue is the MC is a normal librarian, but her life changes when the moon turn red one night and the next day strange things starts to happen to her, an empty car losing control almost hitting her, bookshelves falling almost hitting her, and the reason why there’s “almost” is because she was saved by 5 guys with out of the world looks.(cause they are obviously not human) When night falls, other ayakashi start to attack and attempt to kill the MC as she have blood that only appear every thousand years with the ability to boost their power, and they want it for themselves before the others could have it. But the 5 guys earlier appear before her and protected her, now the MC have to seal a contract with either one of them promising herself to them in exchange for protection.

Okay, now we are done with the introduction, for the Main Story, Epilogue and Sequel, I would write it in another article. So yesterday I woke up with a notification, new POVs !!!

I love POVs, it always make me go “Eeeeeeeeee!!!!” knowing how the guy feel about the MC.


Miyabi Sequel’s POV Special Image (SGD 2.98)

Alright, Miyabi is a the arrogant, egoistic character in Enchanted. He’s have much pride within him, and he loves teasing the MC, but this POV totally, like legit TOTALLY change the way I see him. His love for the MC is really great. God, where are the the Voltage guys in real life?! To him the MC is the only one, and if you were to ever hate or dislike him because you think that he is always teasing the MC for loving him, trust me, he love her alot more after reading this. He would do everything, and ANYTHING for the MC. He practically diving in the sea of love. SO SO SO SO DEEP~~~~And it practically breaks my heart when he left the MC ( ≧Д≦)

I sincerely and highly recommend this POV, even if you were to hate Miyabi after reading his sequel or his main story, try this POV, even the Main story POV is not as good as this.
I honestly have to say that this is one of the BEST POV I have ever read!! It’s a little erotic, as compare to other Voltage Apps, and honestly Enchanted is already the top Voltage App to be descriptive in “that” area, and this POV took it to a whole new level. A COMPLETELY NEW LEVEL! BUT it also shows how much he cares about the MC.

Overall Rating : 4.9/5

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P.S I love the special image from the POV sequel.