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Finally in Love Again – Aki Fujishima Main Story,POV and Epilogue


I’m back again. Today I would be reviewing on Aki Fujishima from ‘Finally in Love again’. Which is one of the top few Voltage App that I feel very reluctant to read or buy, BUT because of the Summer sale and one of my friend’s ‘persuasion’. I got Mister Aki Fujishima’s Main Story, epilogue and his POV. The reason why I was so reluctant towards Finally In Love is due to the age of the MC, which is 34. Which i seriously think it’s a little too old, (If I am 34, I would just be a straight up cat lady) but still I have to give credits to the MC for entering the singles event during her 34th birthday. And if they were to get married and have kids, it’s actually very dangerous for the MC. Anyway, I would move on to the Main Story and Epilogue’s review ( I actually forget that the MC was 34 while reading though)


-Main Story, Aki Fujishima (SGD 3.98-due to Summer Sale)-

Due to an unexpected turn of event, the MC was very conscious towards Aki, and that is actually how the story starts.( But honestly, that unexpected event caught me completely off guard, I had to ask my friend cause i thought I mistook it from something else, which I didn’t. It left me flabbergasted.) What I like about Aki is that though the age gap, the MC is very transparent to him and he is able to understand and see-through her, which is kind of sweet, plus he is a very understandable person. I felt that in his route, there isn’t a scenario where you would hug a pillow and roll around going “Eek!~~~~~” He’s a very mild but warm character, that makes you fuzzy and warm inside.

Unlike the first release Voltage characters, Aki is a unique case, coming in as a warm, gentle and understanding character, (Maybe due to the target audience) as most first released Voltage characters are arrogant, proud and egoistic.(which should be Momoi in Finally in Love).

In conclusion, even with a different start, Aki comes in strong with his kind understanding and loving story.I would recommend it even if you think that the MC is a little old, because Aki would sometimes shows you his cute side due to the fact that the MC is older. (4/5)  Enjoy~


-Epilogue, Aki Fujishima (SGD$1.28, due to Summer Sale)-

The epilogue shows you a different side of Aki, the jealous,helpless but cute side of Aki. I love getting epilogue because that is where all the good parts are. It shows how much Aki loves the MC which it’s kinda cute and sweet, to see a different side of Aki as he is always the reliable one. So its cute that he shows the MC, a weak side of him that he felt embarrassed about.

It’s not a must to get the epilogue, but if your pocket and wallet allow, his epilogue would be one of the best epilogue I have ever read. (4.5/5)


-Main Story POV, Aki Fujishima (SGD$2.58)-

I got his POV due to curiosity, and I love buying POV. (sometimes, I make sure that the POV is released first before getting the story) Maybe due to the fact that he is a very mild character, his POV was also relatively mild and gentle. he’s very observant and attentive  when it comes to the MC, and he would think of ways to help her along, and he always only look at the MC, which makes me go “Aw~~~~”.

I like his POV, may not be the best, but it’s definitely good (3.5/5)

And now it’s the end of this review!!! Aki is a good start  fro Finally In Love Again, not too aggressive and not too fast, maybe due to an older target audience, which is still fine as it does not feel too sudden, (maybe a little taken aback for the main) but still it set a fine pace for the story.

I would recommend Aki for all those people whose bias maybe Takao from  Forged Wedding or Soryu from Baddest Bidder (similar in a different way)

Have Fun~~