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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!!( Though I’m late by 20 days ( ◞・౪・) )   Anyway, the reason for my late late post is due to the fact that the place that I am staying at change their Wifi, and there is approximately 1.5 weeks buffer period where there’s completely no internet, and due to that I was unable to update anything over here. However, I am back online!!! I have lots of reviews to write, 2 from Clover Hill, 3 from Enchanted and 1 from Forged wedding, and if I am very free, I would write a few more characters that I have read before starting this blog. Anyway, I would try to improve the way I write and if there is anything else you think that I should add in my reviews, please feel free to comment and I would do my best to improve it.

THANK YOU and hope that everyone in this world would have a pleasant and hopeful year ahead ^^