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Cupid’s Lovestruck Valentine Review: Asahi (7 rings)


How’s 2016 so far? I was not expecting myself to spend so much money, but once again Voltage Inc have found another new way to vacuum my money to their pocket. If you have not heard about Voltage Inc new event, you will not be here. xD


Anyway, as it is not cheap to buy a Valentine story, I have decide to write a review on the stories that I have bought during this event, and you, people of the internet, could decide whether you would like to buy. So far, I got Asahi from 7 rings, Tamaki and Yamato from My Forged Wedding and Tsumugu from 2 Bedrooms. I will write one or two review within these 2 days. So first, let’s start with Asahi from 7 rings.

12656543_10154147279274311_1327261394_oLet’s start with the price, it cost me SGD4.98 for 2 chapters without an image, it’s very pricey, very. It’s really expensive, therefore if anyone out there have a very tight budget and considering whether to get the story( in general anything link with the Valentine event )is a huge NOT WORTH IT.

BUT for the story, I love the way Asahi tease the MC but still care for her, he love the way she panics around him, but he’s very childlike the way he tease the MC.

The story start where you want to plan a perfect Valentine Day for him, ( for anyone who never touch Asahi, he’s a freakishly rich 2nd generation millionaire)¬†she tried to impress Asahi with her plans. But things took a different course and outcome.

I love the way how sweet Asahi is without his “bad boy” mask, but that what make him even more adorable. ( a little sad that his rank was low)

(Without taking the price into consideration)

Overall rating: 4/5

(Taking the price into consideration)

Overall rating:2.5/5

Thank you for reading!!!

P.S if only there’s a free image, and just a heads up, the image where you could ‘buy’ using the sweet cafe tickets, unless your tickets are expiring, it’s also not very worth it. There would a “tear” on the Voltage guys and you would catch a glimpse underneath their clothes with a very unnecessary chocolate heart drawn on.( I got Kota, and I immediately regret it, I rather Kota to put on his hoodie properly. Please do leave a comment regarding you thoughts about the Event images, I’m really curious)

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