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Review for Your Touch – Eisuke Ichinomiya



Out of curiosity, I bought Eisuke Ichinomiya from the ‘Your Touch’ series.

Just based on the introduction, I sincerely thought that this story would be interesting. And based on the characters that’s already released ( Soryu and Mamoru). I seriously want Eisuke’ s heart to race obviously for the MC .

I mean, he’s the person who is always teasing the MC and the MC is always at his mercy. I really wanted it to happen vise versa

As it is a ‘touch me’, the choices you have are obviously the places where you could touch him, and the reaction from him is completely not exciting at all. (But there’s a part where I need to give credit for Voltage Inc. to even actually think about it )

( `ー´)

But the MC for this story is very weak, so weak that its so frustrating, and therefore people, if you are tempted to buy this side story to make Eisuke’s heart race. Don’t. It’s not worth it. Seriously not worth it.

And its relatively expensive. ( SGD3.98 ) (No image too) ( I even thought that there would be an interactive image to play with …)

The ending is really weak too…


This is the unexpected part that Voltage have add, and I didn’t expect ( obviously).


BUTT!  >(ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖<

This is my first review, if its poorly written. Please comment about it, I hope that I would be able to write more of this.

Thank you! m(._.)m