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Era Of Samurai:Code of Love Review – Soji Okita Main Story and POV (No Spoilers)


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I am back with a new character from Voltage newest app Soji Okita from Era of Samurai:Code of Love. I wrote a review for the first character Toshizo Hijikata earlier, so if you are interested in that character too please do click here to look at that review.Or if you have already read the prologue and the opening movie, click here.

Prologue Review (taken from Toshizo Hijikata’s Review)

It’s basically a love story during the last year of the Edo period. ( Perry was briefly mentioned in the story, it’s when Japan starts to open up to the West, which is not a good news for samurais)

Edited: On a side note, I really like the opening movie and the music for this app. It’s really good especially the music, you can really sense the effort Voltage placed for this app. Love the song at the main page. I would buy it if it’s on iTunes. That’s how good it is. Back to the main subject…

So according to the prologue, the MC is a doctor’s daughter but he father died a year ago and now she’s running his clinic with limited medical knowledge. One night, while looking through her father’s journal, she was interrupt by 2 ronins ( definition: samurai without a lord or master) threaten her to shelter them from the Shinsengumi, eventually it broke into a fight, the MC lost her house to a fire that broke out during the fight. And now she’s stuck with the Shinsengumi who saved her and her father’s only medical journal from the fire.

Aaaand the part to choose the hero, you are gonna choose the person who’s gonna protect you while the rest would be going to fight more lawless ronins

–  Main Story SGD5.98, 400 coins –

The story starts where Soji was left to protect the base and you, but he thinks that you are a spy as the events that led you to the Shinsegumi’s base was too much of a coincidence. So he started to suspect the MC and is always teasing and scaring her.

I love the fact that the interaction between Soji and the MC is like a cat and mouse chase. He love teasing the MC so much that it became a a form of flirting. I like the way the MC is around him. They are like polar opposite, one kills, the other heals. It’s heart wrenching when the two of them belong to two different worlds yet the paths crossed and they met. And it’s even more heart wrenching when the MC was able to understand the reason why he was doing it and it shows her a different perspective of him.

It’s like a forbidden love for the two characters. And I love it, though not as much as the demon deputy but it’s nice and sweet nevertheless. I love the seiyuu that voiced Soji as its something you can imagine coming out from his mouth. I love that Voltage matches the looks and voice for the ending movie. And compared to both endings, I preferred the “fate” ending more than the “love” one. Even though I preferred the “love” ending for Hijikata.

I also like the fact that he was attracted to the MC due to her character which Soji often describe it as ‘white as snow’ and his is ‘stained’. But he couldn’t help taking his eyes away from her even though he know that he couldn’t be with her.. Argh! So heart wrenching!!! While reading, I could actually felt my eyes starts to water cause it shows how desperate they want to be together but they kept their distance apart.

Once again, the song and animation for the story was on the spot, I love that the characters have more expressions even if the details were subtle which is a nice change as it give the readers better visuals.

Is it worth the money? Unless you don’t like a cat and mouse relationship, this is completely for you! Moving on ~~~

–  His POV SGD2.98, 200 coins –

Okay, to anyone who do reads my review. I really love POVs, and honestly speaking (or typing) Soji’s POV was beautiful! His love towards the MC and the way he view himself as a threat to the MC but he just can’t stop falling in love with her innocence, yet he tried to distance himself from her to avoid bring harm to her (Aw..) But Soji make a mistake that every guy in either a drama, movie or game tends to do which is leaving the girl so that she will be happier without them. ( Always a mistake) But in the POV, you would be able to see a different side of him after he left her. Which is “aw~”. The things he do not want the MC to know would be reveal during his POV.

But this time the POV is written in an event form, so it goes by encounters. Plus its relatively short which is sad, as there are times where I would like to know how he would react daily but it’s not included within this story.

Is it worth the money? Even though the POV was not detailed enough, but it’s relatively fine. However if you do not like to read POV, it’s not recommended. (just get the ending set instead if you do not have the time to read it again for the second ending)

Ratings: 4.85/5

Conclusions:Both stories are not that bad, both endings are really good too. They have great storyline but it’s a little different as most story will let you squeal like a fangirl, this will make your heart chip a little. I will buy this all over again if I have to.


Do like,and comment. Thank you!

Next character: (if there isn’t an update for Samurai) Saeki or Tamaki from My Forged Wedding


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Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Review- Hikaru Aihara Main Story and Epilogue 


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I’m back with another review from Voltage Inc’s Kissed by the Baddest Bidder!!!! And this time it’s Hikaru Aihara! I thought he would be some side character that Voltage have made in Baddest Bidder, but after reading ‘Behind the looking glass'( Baddest Bidder’s side story), I know there’s more to him than meets the eye…

Before you read any further, I would have to include a spoiler(which I have to include). So if you do not like spoilers, stop here. If not, please do continue reading( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I didn’t read the prologue for season 3, cause to me it doesn’t really affect the story and it redundant. So if you are interested in how and why the MC and the bidders are at London, do read the prologue. Otherwise, just skip it and go to the main story like what I did.

Main Story, SGD 5.98

Okay, let’s start with THE spoiler first, apparently Hikaru is NOT really the mad hatter, the hatter is another person who is loyal to him. Which is somewhat disappointing, cause I really thought that Hikaru really is THE hatter. ( maybe voltage would release another story about the hatter) but the hatter is really sweet in this story. He’s like a brother figure towards the MC. He gave me a “kitamura-san’s feel in my 7 rings” for asahi’s story.

The one thing j don’t understand for the bidders characters is that they would turn very sadistic and rough when they become the MC’s choice of lovers. So yea, Hikaru became this annoying jerk compared to the days you know him in Dubai the kind , handsome and prefect man.

Forgot to mention, he’s also a hit man aka assassin.

But the story have a suitable pace, not too sudden nor slow. Unlike some stories, it does gives you hints that Hikaru is falling for the MC. A little disappointed with his change of attitude, but nice storyline, however I didn’t fangirl a single bit. Even though the ending is relatively good. So your choice. My choice, I would buy it again only if it’s on sale though.


The epilogue is similar to the main story, sweet but not enough for me to go fangirl mode. The story’s pace is fine but not that sweet, it do show you how Hikaru is shy (and maybe new) towards this relationship. Again, is it worth the money? Not really, it doesn’t really show much of Hikaru is, but it does show how much Hikaru cared for the MC( I think)

Conclusion for both stories: not really worth the money if you want a story that will drown you in honey, I would recommend Asahi’s forbidden path from 7 rings instead, or the newly released Toshizo Hijikata from Era of Samurai : Code of Love;would only buy this if it’s on sale.

BUT if you are a die hard baddest bidder fan, maybe you would like it(?)

Ratings: 3.5/5

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Bad boys Do it better! Review- Ryoji Ryukai Main Story and Epilogue


Another Bad Boys Do it Better! Review! No spoilers! Maybe some details, but I wouldn’t ruin the story, promise. I actually made a review for Rei Todo. Read it here if you like this review (>人<;)

Okay, a simple introduction on the app:

Your mother would be joining your dad and you decide to stay in Japan to continue your studies. By the end of your first day of school,you realized that you have enrolled into this all boys school and dorm without knowing and you decide to just go with the flow with your mother support.

Main Story, SGD5.98

So for Ryoji, he is the typical rebellious boy with a soft heart. He’s someone who’s a little violent but kind. So he actually confess to the MC first and the MC for his story is a little annoying. I was quite lost with the MC’s “do I really like him” thoughts. And the entire story is like 2 little kids not knowing their feelings when it’s already so obvious.

It’s a vanlilla, first love, sweet heart story, but if you are looking for something more mature, this is NOT for you. Don’t bother spending that money for it. To me, MC here not very likable, she’s a bit hesitant which makes it annoying but I like how straight forward Ryoji is.

Epilogue, SGD 2.98

So the MC and Ryoji started to date, and they would have issues as the MC would start to go crazy with jealousy.

This app is full of puppy love, it’s so young and fresh that it’s so annoying (heh heh) Maybe it’s too young for my liking, story was also a little draggy and cheesy. But I do love the interaction between Ryoji and the MC, but the plot gave me a “urgh! Really?!” feeling.


Not a very long review, as Ryoji was one character I don’t really look forward to, hence my expectations was not that high, which I am glad that it was not high, cause the story plot was not the best in fact too cheesy for my liking.A typical high school manga story plot, if only there’s more details about it

3/5 (Draggy and cheesy story plot with not enough details. Not recommended even for time kill reading


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Cupid’s Lovestruck Valentine Review: Asahi (7 rings)


How’s 2016 so far? I was not expecting myself to spend so much money, but once again Voltage Inc have found another new way to vacuum my money to their pocket. If you have not heard about Voltage Inc new event, you will not be here. xD


Anyway, as it is not cheap to buy a Valentine story, I have decide to write a review on the stories that I have bought during this event, and you, people of the internet, could decide whether you would like to buy. So far, I got Asahi from 7 rings, Tamaki and Yamato from My Forged Wedding and Tsumugu from 2 Bedrooms. I will write one or two review within these 2 days. So first, let’s start with Asahi from 7 rings.

12656543_10154147279274311_1327261394_oLet’s start with the price, it cost me SGD4.98 for 2 chapters without an image, it’s very pricey, very. It’s really expensive, therefore if anyone out there have a very tight budget and considering whether to get the story( in general anything link with the Valentine event )is a huge NOT WORTH IT.

BUT for the story, I love the way Asahi tease the MC but still care for her, he love the way she panics around him, but he’s very childlike the way he tease the MC.

The story start where you want to plan a perfect Valentine Day for him, ( for anyone who never touch Asahi, he’s a freakishly rich 2nd generation millionaire) she tried to impress Asahi with her plans. But things took a different course and outcome.

I love the way how sweet Asahi is without his “bad boy” mask, but that what make him even more adorable. ( a little sad that his rank was low)

(Without taking the price into consideration)

Overall rating: 4/5

(Taking the price into consideration)

Overall rating:2.5/5

Thank you for reading!!!

P.S if only there’s a free image, and just a heads up, the image where you could ‘buy’ using the sweet cafe tickets, unless your tickets are expiring, it’s also not very worth it. There would a “tear” on the Voltage guys and you would catch a glimpse underneath their clothes with a very unnecessary chocolate heart drawn on.( I got Kota, and I immediately regret it, I rather Kota to put on his hoodie properly. Please do leave a comment regarding you thoughts about the Event images, I’m really curious)

12660351_10154147416104311_241445728_n (1)


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Enchanted in the moonlight- Miyabi’s Squeal POV


For the first review of the year 2016, I will start with Voltage Inc very own Kitsune; Miyabi! So for anyone who doesn’t know who is Miyabi. He is the Main route in Enchanted in the moonlight ( The Main route normally means the first guy that appears on the App, they normally would be the face of their app)

More information regarding Enchanted is that it’s an ayakashi-human pairing (ayakashi=demon=youkai) so the MC’s the other half are youkai of all sorts, there is kitsune( fox demon), oni ( trolls, ogre), tengu( Black-winged crow demon),werewolf (wolf demon), yukibito( Snow spirit)and a Zashiki-Warashi(House spirit).

They all have extreme personalities but the way they interact among each other is full of bromance, and you know that they care about each other and the MC.(but not as much bromance as MPD)

A simple summary for the prologue is the MC is a normal librarian, but her life changes when the moon turn red one night and the next day strange things starts to happen to her, an empty car losing control almost hitting her, bookshelves falling almost hitting her, and the reason why there’s “almost” is because she was saved by 5 guys with out of the world looks.(cause they are obviously not human) When night falls, other ayakashi start to attack and attempt to kill the MC as she have blood that only appear every thousand years with the ability to boost their power, and they want it for themselves before the others could have it. But the 5 guys earlier appear before her and protected her, now the MC have to seal a contract with either one of them promising herself to them in exchange for protection.

Okay, now we are done with the introduction, for the Main Story, Epilogue and Sequel, I would write it in another article. So yesterday I woke up with a notification, new POVs !!!

I love POVs, it always make me go “Eeeeeeeeee!!!!” knowing how the guy feel about the MC.


Miyabi Sequel’s POV Special Image (SGD 2.98)

Alright, Miyabi is a the arrogant, egoistic character in Enchanted. He’s have much pride within him, and he loves teasing the MC, but this POV totally, like legit TOTALLY change the way I see him. His love for the MC is really great. God, where are the the Voltage guys in real life?! To him the MC is the only one, and if you were to ever hate or dislike him because you think that he is always teasing the MC for loving him, trust me, he love her alot more after reading this. He would do everything, and ANYTHING for the MC. He practically diving in the sea of love. SO SO SO SO DEEP~~~~And it practically breaks my heart when he left the MC ( ≧Д≦)

I sincerely and highly recommend this POV, even if you were to hate Miyabi after reading his sequel or his main story, try this POV, even the Main story POV is not as good as this.
I honestly have to say that this is one of the BEST POV I have ever read!! It’s a little erotic, as compare to other Voltage Apps, and honestly Enchanted is already the top Voltage App to be descriptive in “that” area, and this POV took it to a whole new level. A COMPLETELY NEW LEVEL! BUT it also shows how much he cares about the MC.

Overall Rating : 4.9/5

Other characters with really good POVs:

Ren from 7 Rings ( Not Forged!!!)

Kota from Scandal

Tsumugu from Two Bedroom

P.S I love the special image from the POV sequel.



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Finally in Love Again – Aki Fujishima Main Story,POV and Epilogue


I’m back again. Today I would be reviewing on Aki Fujishima from ‘Finally in Love again’. Which is one of the top few Voltage App that I feel very reluctant to read or buy, BUT because of the Summer sale and one of my friend’s ‘persuasion’. I got Mister Aki Fujishima’s Main Story, epilogue and his POV. The reason why I was so reluctant towards Finally In Love is due to the age of the MC, which is 34. Which i seriously think it’s a little too old, (If I am 34, I would just be a straight up cat lady) but still I have to give credits to the MC for entering the singles event during her 34th birthday. And if they were to get married and have kids, it’s actually very dangerous for the MC. Anyway, I would move on to the Main Story and Epilogue’s review ( I actually forget that the MC was 34 while reading though)


-Main Story, Aki Fujishima (SGD 3.98-due to Summer Sale)-

Due to an unexpected turn of event, the MC was very conscious towards Aki, and that is actually how the story starts.( But honestly, that unexpected event caught me completely off guard, I had to ask my friend cause i thought I mistook it from something else, which I didn’t. It left me flabbergasted.) What I like about Aki is that though the age gap, the MC is very transparent to him and he is able to understand and see-through her, which is kind of sweet, plus he is a very understandable person. I felt that in his route, there isn’t a scenario where you would hug a pillow and roll around going “Eek!~~~~~” He’s a very mild but warm character, that makes you fuzzy and warm inside.

Unlike the first release Voltage characters, Aki is a unique case, coming in as a warm, gentle and understanding character, (Maybe due to the target audience) as most first released Voltage characters are arrogant, proud and egoistic.(which should be Momoi in Finally in Love).

In conclusion, even with a different start, Aki comes in strong with his kind understanding and loving story.I would recommend it even if you think that the MC is a little old, because Aki would sometimes shows you his cute side due to the fact that the MC is older. (4/5)  Enjoy~


-Epilogue, Aki Fujishima (SGD$1.28, due to Summer Sale)-

The epilogue shows you a different side of Aki, the jealous,helpless but cute side of Aki. I love getting epilogue because that is where all the good parts are. It shows how much Aki loves the MC which it’s kinda cute and sweet, to see a different side of Aki as he is always the reliable one. So its cute that he shows the MC, a weak side of him that he felt embarrassed about.

It’s not a must to get the epilogue, but if your pocket and wallet allow, his epilogue would be one of the best epilogue I have ever read. (4.5/5)


-Main Story POV, Aki Fujishima (SGD$2.58)-

I got his POV due to curiosity, and I love buying POV. (sometimes, I make sure that the POV is released first before getting the story) Maybe due to the fact that he is a very mild character, his POV was also relatively mild and gentle. he’s very observant and attentive  when it comes to the MC, and he would think of ways to help her along, and he always only look at the MC, which makes me go “Aw~~~~”.

I like his POV, may not be the best, but it’s definitely good (3.5/5)

And now it’s the end of this review!!! Aki is a good start  fro Finally In Love Again, not too aggressive and not too fast, maybe due to an older target audience, which is still fine as it does not feel too sudden, (maybe a little taken aback for the main) but still it set a fine pace for the story.

I would recommend Aki for all those people whose bias maybe Takao from  Forged Wedding or Soryu from Baddest Bidder (similar in a different way)

Have Fun~~

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Butler After Midnight Review – Yuma Akagi (Complete)


I’m back with a whole lot of reviews! So let’s just start with the latest app that Voltage have released; Butler After Midnight! and because Yuma is the first character, I bought his entire story,  (I have a very weak spot for the first character, and I just got my pay ^-^||| ) from Main Story to After Sunrise.(obviously I got the Complete Bonus)

So let’s start with the MC and the prologue, I honestly felt that the MC is getting more naive compared to the other Voltage apps. ( ‘naive ‘ is a nicer word, if I have to choose it would be ‘dumb’)   I mean how could you be blackmailed by the person your father hire ?! It is not like he have things to even blackmail you with. Plus the prologue for this story is very quick(?), it’s very sudden and the prologue does not really did a good job in the temptation category. The urge to buy any of the character is very low. In fact the urge to buy the other characters is even lower than Yuma, unlike other Voltage apps e.g My Forged Wedding (Takao,,Enchanted in the Moonlight(Chikage,Yukinojo).

So in conclusion, the prologue and MC is really weak, not very tempting nor likable. (2/5)

Main Story Smoothing

-Smoothing Ending, Yuma Akagi (SGD$4.98)-

It’s actually pretty good, (even though I would want to slap the MC at some point)  Yuma is the typical ‘bully’ character within this story, but at some point during the story, you could sense a hint of his feelings towards the MC even though he tried to keep it hidden, as for his interaction with the MC is really cute and sweet. His actions and words are very thoughtful. And it would often gives you the “AW~~~~” feels. I like the fact that he is a very detailed person, and that he always keeps an eye on the MC just to play her around his finger.

In conclusion, even with a ‘meh’ MC, Yuma would still give you the butterflies feels. ~^.^~ ( 4/5)

 In his eyes

-In his eyes, Yuma Akagi (SGD$2.58)-

I love reading POVs and that applies to Yuma’s too. The first part of the Pov was a little surprising as I wasn’t expecting that his trap to wrap the MC was that early into the story. But his interest towards the MC was very weak, as I felt that the MC reaction towards the situation was quite normal and the MC’s action was predictable, which is why I don’t understand why yuma thinks that the MC is very ‘unpredictable’ cause to me she is a very predictable person.

His Pov in conclusion, minus the weak and predictable MC is worth getting due to the unexpected event during the first 2 chapters of his POV. (3.5/5)

Lovers After Hours

-Lovers After Hours, Yuma Akagi (SGD$2.58)-

This is like the epilogue after the main story, it shows you the different side of Yuma as he is always on work mode whenever he is near the MC. You get to see a different side of him and his urge to be with the MC and to touch and tease her. Once again I’m not disappointed with the MC’s action as I already knew that she’s a failed stalker.

BUT the interaction with Yuma and the other butlers was a plus point, as it allows you to understand more about the other butlers and the temptation to get either one of them is rising. ( slowly but surely) I don’t recommend to get this unless you are really bored or rich. because it doesn’t give you either butterflies nor the urge to ‘aw~~~~’.(2.5/5)

After Sunrise

-After Sunrise,Yuma Akagi (SGD$2.58)-

This is like the epilogue to the epilogue. It shows the MC dependence towards Yuma and Yuma’s understanding towards the MC. However the MC relies on Yuma a little too much. (She can’t even eat nor sleep if he’s not around, Seriously?!)

But I like the fact that Yuma knows the MC inside out, which is maybe the reason why the MC relies on Yuma so much. but at the same time, the MC’s character is also very weak, and unlike the other MCs that Voltage have, the word ‘stubborn’ don’t work well with her.

This may be worth the money as there are parts where the MC’s dependency towards Yuma was really sweet, compared to ‘Lovers after hours’ and this, I would prefer this due to the cute interaction the MC and Yuma have ( 3/5)

Complete Bonus

-Complete Bonus,Yuma Akagi (when you buy all of Season 1)

This is a bonus when you completely finish the entire Season 1, it’s an exclusive and personal interview between the MC and Yuma.

MC: “Yuma, thanks for agreeing to do this work thing with me.”

Yuma: “The ‘Butler Bares All’ interview… You’ll know everything about me.”

MC:”OK…Please stop grinning at me like that.”

Yuma:”Was I grinning? I don’t think I was.”

Yuma:”So, this interview is going to be published in First Lady…”

Yuma:”Let’s see your interviewing chops, shall we?”

MC:”Alright. Let’s jump right in!”

MC:”First question.Tell me about your philosophy when it comes to your work.”


Yuma:”I’ll only serve an employer of whom I approve.”

Yuma:”The flip side of that is, once I’ve decided who I’ll serve, I do my job thoroughly.”

MC:” So, does that mean you’re thorough when you serve me?”

Yuma:”Listen to you. So cocky.”

MC:”Oh… You aren’t, then?”

Yuma:””I can quit anytime if I judge you to be ill-suited to my services.”

Yuma:”It’s up to the efforts you exert in your everyday life. And you’re a hard worker.”

MC:”Hmm.Hmm. I’ve always had this nagging question about which one of us is in charge…”

Yuma:”Did you say something?”


MC: (I’ll behave *really* properly tomorrow)((my thoughts(SEE!!!)))

Yuma:”Heh…A couple words from me and you start freaking out. You’re so cute.”

End scene~ ( I will continue the rest when I have time, or when there’s a demand for it, so yea~)



Even with a weak and dependent MC, Yuma got a really good Main, POV and after sunrise. Other than Lovers After Hours, the rest of the stories are recommended, due to the fact that Yuma is a strong character ( it would be better if the MC would be more stubborn.) Overall (3.5/5)


Have Fun~

Similar Characters that I would recommended (similar traits):

Miyabi – Enchanted in the Moonlight

Asahi – 7 rings (unexpected bias)