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Bad Boys Do it Better- Rei Todo Main story, Epilogue and Completion Bonus 


I’m back!!!! I have been busy recently, don’t really have much time to write a review, so today I’m gonna write one and it’s about Voltage Inc’s newest app: Bad Boys Do it better!

When I read the prologue for it, I felt like it was a high school, rowdy version of clover hill with better art(honestly, Clover Hill’s art was quite bad). And by rowdy, they throw punches here and there. (little kids …..)


Your mother, she’s going overseas(Malaysia) to join your father who’s working there. You would  transfer to a new school with a dormitory, and you can’t wait for a new start with new friends!( and pajamas party) But on the first day, *GASP*you realized that you are the only girl within an all boys school! ( for some reason, voltage mc have really good luck with guys) All of your classmates, teachers  and even neighbors are all males! During the introduction in the dining room, a power shortage caused a blackout within the room, and when the lights is back on…….who is standing next to you?

And this is when you choose The One.

So Voltage Inc, released two characters : Ryoji Ryukai and Rei Todo. Which is surprising.

I love the interaction between the guys itself ( like the guys in MPD) and the fact that the MC tend to sweat a lot when she’s nervous. It gave a realistic touch to  Voltage’s characters a small touch of imperfection, making it more relate-able.(unlike 7 rings ) They even include animations, e.g when he moves close to you, the character would zoom in to look closer, or if they were to walk out of a place, they would “slide” out of scene. Love the efforts that the developers user for their newest app!!(^o^)

-Main Story, Rei Todo(SGD5.98)-

I bought his story cause he caught the MC in an act, which makes him despises the MC. He’s a very cold, straight forward yet warm person , and he knew what he wants and don’t. which I like it a lot cause most characters with his situation tends to be a bit more wishy washy, unable to make up their own damn mind which would make readers get pissed off a lot.

Love the reason as to why he loves the MC, and he is a very possessive person. His reasons as to why he loves and values the MC is also very sweet.The reference to other Voltage apps shows the effort and sweetness to the developers in Voltage, hope that they do it more often. (It’s like cameo from your favorite actor in a drama) And now allow me to grow mushrooms in a corner as I torture myself to wait for his POV. ( please it have to have one….)


-Epilogue,Rei Toda(SGD 2.98)-

Most epilogue tends to show a deeper relationship between the two characters or knowing something new between them, for Rei it shows how possessive he can be in order to be with the MC, the moves that he made,the hints that he drops; just so that the MC will notice him amd him only. A little childish but nether less sweet.

I love the way he’s cold towards other but only shows the MC a gentler side of him, and the way he teases her makes the interaction between them even cuter and sweeter. (fangirl mode on!!!!(≧∇≦))

THAT concludes my experience reading this app! Please do leave a comment below! Thank you!!

Have a nice day ahead!

“Reading shows the readers a house with different windows, different perspectives, different views from the same situation”


P.S I thought I would not like this app but I’m already loving it, anyone who still doubt this app should give the story a chance!

Below are cameos from the dreamy team!!!!