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Review for Seiichirou Hayami Main Story POV – 7 Rings



His POV is finally out!!!

Sei’s devotion for the MC is EPIC! I actually like the fact that he is always keeping a look out for her, and have been interested in his story since 7 Rings has been released. But he have to be the last one to be released, the wait is¬†agony. And a month after his Main Story is released, his POV is finally here!!! I got it the moment my Iphone notify me. (So efficient)

So for his POV, if anyone is looking for any lovey dovey scene, this POV don’t have any of it. His POV is actually quite short, not much conflicts just that she’s the CEO granddaughter and he is just carry out his duties. Not very exciting, but still sweet. He do have the urge to touch the MC but he kept it all in too well, which may the story a bit more bland.

But overall its not that bad. Unless you can’t resist the temptation and urge to buy, or if you are not a huge fan of Hayami. His POV is actually quite predictable, In fact, if you couldn’t love him in Main Story, his POV doesn’t do much for his situation. I was a teeny tiny disappointed with his POV, his urge doesn’t really make me squeal like a little fan girl so yeah.

Have fun~