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Review MPD: Close to you Yukata Tennoji ( Main Story – NY )


It’s been a while since I have done a review. And recently, one of my best friend have been pestering me to read Tennoji’s NY even though I have finished his story to Armed and Engaged.( She’s the one who introduced to this contradicting love for otome games). So I decided to review after reading his NY story (SGD4.98)

A little info for MPD :

You are a small town police woman, who’s really kindhearted and would always think of others before herself. One day, you received a transfer to the MPD, where all of Japan’s most skilled detectives are. But you are being transferred to the 2nd Unit aka The Misfits and that is where your love flower would bloom.

The Prologue is really interesting and different, as most of Voltage Inc’s games are very fairy-tale like, MPD is actually one of the few where they actually put in effort on character development not only on the heroine and the main candidates but also on the other candidates as well. Which is something I recognized, but not keen to play with.

However, Tennoji was not my biased in this game, so I was not very keen to even read his Main story not to mention NY.But that ^^ friend that i mentioned before, she’s crazy for MPD. She bought all characters’ stories, from Main Story to NY, no kidding (She’s crazy for a reason,but I still love her anyway). So that make me start reading Tennoji’s road and let’s start with the Main Story, I will try not to spoil too much but I think I will anyway, so yeah~

Main Story’s Review ( SGD 4.98 )


~Image from Main Story Episode 10~

Tennoji obviously did not like the MC as his partner, He felt that she would be in his way of everything, but as the time that he and the MC interacts, he opens up and start to recognizing the MC as a person he could trust and rely on.

He’s loud and would throw a few insults that doesn’t hurt to the MC and as time went by, the MC realized that he wasn’t as scary as she thought he was, she would throw back to him. And this little interaction makes the the comedic dynamic duo of the 2nd unit. He’s also quick to blush but romantic at the same time. When he and the MC bicker together, it’s very sweet and will make you go “aw~~~”. 

He is a great character but he’s Main Story is a little weak, I think I expected too much but it  was not as sweet as I thought but nevertheless still sweet.

( I will skip the Epilogue, but leave me a comment if you want)

Sequel ( SGD 3.98 )


~Image from Sequel Episode 2~

So in my opinion, this is where his story go downhill, the interaction between Tennoji and the MC are still equally sweet but the case they are handling is very coincidence, it’s like everything was going very smoothly not much impact or even a tense moment, it’s sweet that the MC was always trying to be his side and accompanying him, but that’s all and not much happened for the case.

BUT, I have to admit, he have the most dream-like proposal so far. You can see from the preparation he done just for the proposal how much he love the MC, it’s so sweet that girls should show their boyfriend and hint them. His proposal was really surprising, but he is the only person that you would expect this from him. His love for the MC is something he’s proud of, very proud. He always want everyone to know that the MC is his girl, obviously. And his proposal shows it all.

If anyone is hesitated to buy this just because you are afraid it’s not sweet enough. The last few episodes make it up for everything.

 Armed & Engaged ( SGD 4.98 )


~Image from Armed and Engaged Episode 10~

If the previous case have too little action, this case have too much action. So much that is overwhelming. There was not even much lovey-dovey among the MC and Tennoji. and when there is, it became too cheesy, my cheesy meter went off the roof, too much for me to handle.

Among all the stories in his route, this was the most cheesiest , tasteless, overwhelming episode, that would make you wonder what was the storyboard department was thinking about.

Last but not least….

NY ( SGD4.98 )


~Image from NY Happy Ending~

NY was really mind-blowing good. It was epic, the case end with an unexpected ending. The flow of the story was well-written, I could not put it down. There’s enough interaction with Tennoji and the MC, some guest appearance from the previous case. The way Tennoji and the MC blushes when their proposal was mentioned, and the way they panic when it was being described was really cute and sweet, it makes you forget that they are engaged.

The inner conflict that the MC had as a detective and as a finance. It shows the struggle having your spouse within the same force. The silent comforting moment they have, was very reassuring but conflicting at the same time.

As for the ending, I prefer the Happy Ending as it shows the urge and the tender love that Tennoji holds for his love of his life, it’s so sweet that he’s hinting the MC to just married him already, which girl won’t want that to happened.

This marks the end of my review for Yukata Tennoji from MPD: Close to you. I would update this post soon, so that I could review it from different prospects, however in conclusion, Tennoji is an overall good read (except for Armed and Engaged, way too cheesy for my taste,comment if you like it though), I sincerely hoped that Voltage don’t drop this, the way it’s going is really well-written and planned.


Have fun playing~