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Butler After Midnight Review – Yuma Akagi (Complete)


I’m back with a whole lot of reviews! So let’s just start with the latest app that Voltage have released; Butler After Midnight! and because Yuma is the first character, I bought his entire story,  (I have a very weak spot for the first character, and I just got my pay ^-^||| ) from Main Story to After Sunrise.(obviously I got the Complete Bonus)

So let’s start with the MC and the prologue, I honestly felt that the MC is getting more naive compared to the other Voltage apps. ( ‘naive ‘ is a nicer word, if I have to choose it would be ‘dumb’)   I mean how could you be blackmailed by the person your father hire ?! It is not like he have things to even blackmail you with. Plus the prologue for this story is very quick(?), it’s very sudden and the prologue does not really did a good job in the temptation category. The urge to buy any of the character is very low. In fact the urge to buy the other characters is even lower than Yuma, unlike other Voltage apps e.g My Forged Wedding (Takao,,Enchanted in the Moonlight(Chikage,Yukinojo).

So in conclusion, the prologue and MC is really weak, not very tempting nor likable. (2/5)

Main Story Smoothing

-Smoothing Ending, Yuma Akagi (SGD$4.98)-

It’s actually pretty good, (even though I would want to slap the MC at some point)  Yuma is the typical ‘bully’ character within this story, but at some point during the story, you could sense a hint of his feelings towards the MC even though he tried to keep it hidden, as for his interaction with the MC is really cute and sweet. His actions and words are very thoughtful. And it would often gives you the “AW~~~~” feels. I like the fact that he is a very detailed person, and that he always keeps an eye on the MC just to play her around his finger.

In conclusion, even with a ‘meh’ MC, Yuma would still give you the butterflies feels. ~^.^~ ( 4/5)

 In his eyes

-In his eyes, Yuma Akagi (SGD$2.58)-

I love reading POVs and that applies to Yuma’s too. The first part of the Pov was a little surprising as I wasn’t expecting that his trap to wrap the MC was that early into the story. But his interest towards the MC was very weak, as I felt that the MC reaction towards the situation was quite normal and the MC’s action was predictable, which is why I don’t understand why yuma thinks that the MC is very ‘unpredictable’ cause to me she is a very predictable person.

His Pov in conclusion, minus the weak and predictable MC is worth getting due to the unexpected event during the first 2 chapters of his POV. (3.5/5)

Lovers After Hours

-Lovers After Hours, Yuma Akagi (SGD$2.58)-

This is like the epilogue after the main story, it shows you the different side of Yuma as he is always on work mode whenever he is near the MC. You get to see a different side of him and his urge to be with the MC and to touch and tease her. Once again I’m not disappointed with the MC’s action as I already knew that she’s a failed stalker.

BUT the interaction with Yuma and the other butlers was a plus point, as it allows you to understand more about the other butlers and the temptation to get either one of them is rising. ( slowly but surely) I don’t recommend to get this unless you are really bored or rich. because it doesn’t give you either butterflies nor the urge to ‘aw~~~~’.(2.5/5)

After Sunrise

-After Sunrise,Yuma Akagi (SGD$2.58)-

This is like the epilogue to the epilogue. It shows the MC dependence towards Yuma and Yuma’s understanding towards the MC. However the MC relies on Yuma a little too much. (She can’t even eat nor sleep if he’s not around, Seriously?!)

But I like the fact that Yuma knows the MC inside out, which is maybe the reason why the MC relies on Yuma so much. but at the same time, the MC’s character is also very weak, and unlike the other MCs that Voltage have, the word ‘stubborn’ don’t work well with her.

This may be worth the money as there are parts where the MC’s dependency towards Yuma was really sweet, compared to ‘Lovers after hours’ and this, I would prefer this due to the cute interaction the MC and Yuma have ( 3/5)

Complete Bonus

-Complete Bonus,Yuma Akagi (when you buy all of Season 1)

This is a bonus when you completely finish the entire Season 1, it’s an exclusive and personal interview between the MC and Yuma.

MC: “Yuma, thanks for agreeing to do this work thing with me.”

Yuma: “The ‘Butler Bares All’ interview… You’ll know everything about me.”

MC:”OK…Please stop grinning at me like that.”

Yuma:”Was I grinning? I don’t think I was.”

Yuma:”So, this interview is going to be published in First Lady…”

Yuma:”Let’s see your interviewing chops, shall we?”

MC:”Alright. Let’s jump right in!”

MC:”First question.Tell me about your philosophy when it comes to your work.”


Yuma:”I’ll only serve an employer of whom I approve.”

Yuma:”The flip side of that is, once I’ve decided who I’ll serve, I do my job thoroughly.”

MC:” So, does that mean you’re thorough when you serve me?”

Yuma:”Listen to you. So cocky.”

MC:”Oh… You aren’t, then?”

Yuma:””I can quit anytime if I judge you to be ill-suited to my services.”

Yuma:”It’s up to the efforts you exert in your everyday life. And you’re a hard worker.”

MC:”Hmm.Hmm. I’ve always had this nagging question about which one of us is in charge…”

Yuma:”Did you say something?”


MC: (I’ll behave *really* properly tomorrow)((my thoughts(SEE!!!)))

Yuma:”Heh…A couple words from me and you start freaking out. You’re so cute.”

End scene~ ( I will continue the rest when I have time, or when there’s a demand for it, so yea~)



Even with a weak and dependent MC, Yuma got a really good Main, POV and after sunrise. Other than Lovers After Hours, the rest of the stories are recommended, due to the fact that Yuma is a strong character ( it would be better if the MC would be more stubborn.) Overall (3.5/5)


Have Fun~

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